“My dad was suffering from depression. He was suicidal. With help from Dr. Mian, he is now fine. I will say to anyone who has anxiety, depression or any kind of stress disorder, you should see Dr. Mian. He is very nice person and assists his clients nicely. He did that with my dad.”

Daughter of RD, Furniture Worker, Surrey, BC 


Dr. Mian has helped me to see the light [of hope]. I’ve been able to think differently. I’ve been able to restructure my thinking, especially about my pain management, which was making me feel as if I should kill myself. It has been very helpful.
ES, Long Term Care Aid, Surrey, BC


COunselling testimonials


“I was provided with Dr. Mian’s name through our EAP - my son was recently diagnosed with ADHD. .....I wanted to find out what I could do to help my son [ADHD concern]. Dr. Mian was extremely helpful with tips & techniques that had a positive impact on ourselves. My son went from taking 3 hours to fall asleep to about 30-40 minutes. This had a huge impact on his study habits at school and improvements on his rapport card. Being able to talk about the issues I was having with Dr. Mian helped me as well. I found that by knowing more, I was better able to handle my emotions when issues arose. We are continuing to practice what Dr. Mian shared with us and our lives are much happier for it.”  LH, Secretary, Surrey, BC

Surrey Mental Health Clinic
​​​Dr Hafeez Mian  
BGS, MA, MEd, PhD 
Diplomate, International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counselling & Psychotherapy 


I really appreciated your gentle, professional and compassionate approach that made it possible for me to have clarity regarding the dilemma I have been facing for 8 months or so. Thank you for your perspective on an issue that was troubling me. I was left with a feeling of vitality and hope.
SH, Lawyer, Vancouver, BC



"Dr. Mian – a great listener who provided me an exceptional service regarding PTSD. I’d recommend him to anyone with any problem. I wouldn’t have achieved my goal without his help. I have learned skills and strategies that I can use forever. Thank you so much."

ANJ, Truck Driver, Surrey, BC 


“Seeing Dr. Mian was a decision that has changed my life beyond words.  Struggling with un-resolved grief and no bereavement closure after my dad

passed away was destroying my life. I was confused and depressed and it was affecting all aspects of my life. He has given me support and comfort and helped me to understand what was happening with me. I felt like I could talk about anything with Dr. Mian without the fear of being judged.  I looked forward to every visit and with every visit I learned more about myself than I
ever thought possible.  I have now gained the confidence to achieve my dreams and live a life full of love and laughter which I had forgotten.”

AH, Teacher, Surrey, BC